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Standard Blu ray case

The Blu-ray case from Amaray is not only high in definition, it is also high in quality and high in style.

These cases feature the unique to Amaray push button hub system that preserves disc performance in a way that strip off hubs cannot.

The new Blu ray case from Amaray is a highly versatile case made from premium materials to give a superior quality finish. Sporting a silver blocked Blu-ray logo the new case is ideal for both retailers and studios alike.

With a large capacity spine the European Blu ray case can accommodate a 3mm booklet, a significant increase over the standard US case. The new case also has the ability to bundle media, a second disc tray (a swing tray) for either standard Blu ray or UMD products means the case is highly versatile and can be tailored to suit a number of dual media applications.



Blu ray Cases

Prices start from 25p.

Please refer to the main CD page, DVD page and Blu ray disc page for further information on discs and prices.

Please contact us for a specific quotation and delivery schedule.

Packing & Delivery

Packing and delivery costs are quoted on a job by job basis, and will be affected by number of steps involved in packing (if machine packing is not available) and the weight and distance for deliveries.

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