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Overview of disc types

We produce many types of audio and data discs, including:

Here is a comparison chart to help you select the right type of disc for you, with links to detailed information:

  12 cm CD 8 cm CD Blu ray Disc DVD
Dimensions 120mm diameter 80mm diameter 120mm diameter 120mm diameter
Capacity 693MB / 79mins 200MB / 22mins Up to 50GB Up to 18GB
Music Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data (ROM) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatibility (drive types)
Tray loading Total Reasonable Total Total
Slot loading Total Do Not Use Total Total
Packaging (including but not limited to the following)
Jewel case Yes No Yes Yes
Slimline single Yes No Yes Yes
Card wallet Yes Yes No No
Plastic wallet Yes Yes No No
Paper wallet Yes Yes No No
Metal tin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amaray style box Yes No Yes Yes
Digi-packs Yes No Yes Yes
CShell Yes Yes Yes Yes
EJector Packs Yes No Yes Yes
Bend it Green® Yes No Yes Yes
Other 'eco' Yes Yes Yes Yes


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