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An open Jewel Case showing CD and booklet


The Jewel Case is the classic CD packaging and whilst many have attempted to create a replacement, none has yet succeeded in stealing it's crown!

As the de facto standard, it is now one of the lowest cost and versatile options available. The main advantage of the Jewel Case is its manageability and ease of use. Since the Jewel Case is so widely used, it is almost universally recognised and accepted.

Jewel cases are available to fit both 12cm and 8cm media, and whilst it is most usually used for CDs, it is possible to safely store DVDs in them, with the option to have a tray carrying the DVD logo for easy identification.

Multi CD jewel case and Brilliant Box Cases For Multiple 12cm Discs

We can supply two types of multi-disc cases:

  • Multipacks to hold 2 - 4 discs (shown on the left) are 3 times the depth of a standard jewel case and use a standard booklet and two tray cards.
  • Brilliant Boxes for two discs (shown on the right) are the same size as Standard Jewel Case and use a standard booklet and tray card.
A variety of coloured jewel case trays Coloured Trays

Coloured trays can be used to create different looks. As standard our jewel cases come with a 'grey' tray, although we can easily supply, clear, white, black, red, yellow, blue and maroon. Other colours can be ordered, although minimum quantities might apply.

There are other ways to spice up jewel cases including, hot-foil embossing and silk screen printing directly onto the case. Please note however that these options are expensive.

Most jewel cases are delivered with the additional booklet and tray card fitted. 


Jewel Cases

Standard 12cm jewel case prices range from 8p to 15p depending on quantity required. Clear or coloured trays cost extra on our Fast Service, but are normally available at no extra cost on our Standard Service. Please visit the CD page for further pricing and print options.

8cm jewel case are available on special order and require a specific quotation.

Multi-packs are normally double the price of the equivalent jewel case. 

Magic Tray sticks require a specific quotation.

Please contact us for a specific quotation and delivery schedule.

Please refer to the main CD page and  DVD page for further information on discs and prices.

Packing & Delivery

Packing and delivery costs are quoted on a job by job basis, and will be affected by number of steps involved in packing (if machine packing is not available) and the weight and distance for deliveries.

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