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The Slimline Case (sometimes called a singles case or slimline maxi case) is the partner to the Jewel Case. Its main application is in the packaging of audio CD singles where it is now widely recognised, although there are some users who also package audio albums, CDRom and DVD in them.

It is a 2 piece crystal clear polystyrene construction. The hinged lid has lugs to retain the specially shaped J card (printed paper insert), whilst the base holds the disc on a central 'spider'. The case is about 60% of the depth of a jewel case, but is not as strong and the principle draw back is that they shatter very easily.

In cost terms, a jewel case with basic 4 page booklet / tray card is roughly the same price as a slimline case with a J card. This is leading to an increasing number of users selecting the jewel case option as it has a much higher perceived value in the music market and is more robust.

There is currently no slimline single case option for 8cm discs.


Slimline Single Cases

Slimline single case prices range from 8p to 15p depending on quantity required. Please visit the CD page for further pricing and print options.

Please contact us for a specific quotation and delivery schedule.

Please refer to the main CD page and  DVD page for further information on discs and prices.

Packing & Delivery

Packing and delivery costs are quoted on a job by job basis, and will be affected by number of steps involved in packing (if machine packing is not available) and the weight and distance for deliveries.

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