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All three types of Super Jewel Box

Super Jewel Box is designed to be the successor to the most successful media packaging of all time; the original CD jewel case. Super Jewel Box provides many improvements over the original jewel case, such as a new and patented single or double disc spindle, rounded corners, stronger hinges, a new locking clasp, access to artwork on all four spines, and much greater durability. Super Jewel Box also comes in 3 different sizes: SJB Standard for CD and SACD; SJB Plus for DVD Audio; and SJB King for DVD Video, software, games, and special projects.

In addition to the following benefits:

the manufacturers also specify the following:

Super Jewel Box® Standard

The Super Jewel Box® Standard has been designed for DVD ROM and audio (and for video where a smaller box is desired). The box has exactly the same outside dimensions as the original jewel case, and is therefore consistent with existing CD based retail shelves and other packaging and handling standards.
The Super Jewel Box® Standard One can hold one disc, its tray is designed to accommodate a magnetic source tag. The Super Jewel Box® Standard Two, can hold two discs.
Its other benefits include:
  • Similar design and the same dimensions to the world standard original jewel case;
  • Flexibility of inserts, from single page up to 50 page catalogue.
Super Jewel Box® Plus The Super Jewel Box® Plus has been designed for DVD audio and will accommodate one DVD audio disc. It is one inch taller than the original jewel case and the "SJB" Standard. The benefits of Super Jewel Box® Plus include:
  • Selected by Universal Music and other labels as their choice for DVD audio package;
  • Accepted by leading retailers and wholesalers as 'retailer friendly';
  • Attractive look and feel for high perceived value;
  • Similar design to the world standard jewel case, only one inch taller than the jewel case.
Super Jewel Box® King The Super Jewel Box® King has been designed for DVD video, and ROM. The King is suitable for one or two DVD discs. It is exactly as tall as a VHS cassette and as wide as the original jewel case. It meets all the specifications of the home video industry (VSDA). The benefits of the Super Jewel Box® King include: 
  • Similar design to the world standard jewel case;
  • Thin profile (nine SJB "King" fit in the space of three VHS or six units of competitive DVD box);



Cases & Printed Inlays

Because of the large range available, these items are quoted on a job by job basis, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please refer to the main CD page and DVD page for further information on discs and prices.

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