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Card wallets are a cost effective and colourful way of protecting your CDs and DVDs, whilst also getting your message across. Many suppliers have their own name for their style of wallets, and finishes and dimensions can vary considerably. Whilst it is possible to use card wallets for DVDs, it is generally not recommended due to the slightly abrasive nature of even the smoothest cards, which will eventually damage the playing surface of the disc which is critical for correct DVD playback.

Options often include:

It is possible to arrange for paper or card inserts to be printed and packed together with the discs.


Card Wallets

Manufactured wallet prices range from 7p depending on finish and quantity required. We also produce card wallets with digital print for shorter runs.

Please refer to the main CD page and DVD page for further information on discs and prices.

Please contact us for a specific quotation and delivery schedule.

Packing & Delivery

Packing and delivery costs are quoted on a job by job basis, and will be affected by number of steps involved in packing (if machine packing is not available) and the weight and distance for deliveries.

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