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We may not always be the cheapest, but a short term saving now may not always pay off if your discs won't play for paying customers or record company A&R directors!

 Blank CDRs, pre-printed CDRs and duplicated CDRs.

CDR Information


CDR Information

What is a CDR

Audio Mastering

ISRC Codes


What is a CDR? (Audio & CDRom)

CDR stands for Compact Disc Writeable. They are CDs which contain a special 'writeable' dye layer, which can be 'burnt' with a laser, allowing the disc to be written once (not to be confused with CD-RW which can be used more than once, but only played on certain players).

CDRs have been available for over 20 years now, and they have become cheap enough to use for short production runs of discs. A blank CDR can have audio or data written to it, but some discs are designed to be used for one rather than the other.

Even the best CDRs are still not as reliable as manufactured (pressed/replicated) CDs, and over the years various dyes and reflective surfaces have been tried, resulting in silver, gold, green and blue coloured playing surfaces. It is not possible to generalise about which produce the best results, but it is fair to say that you get what you pay for!

Audio Mastering (Audio Only)

The staff at The Digital Audio Co have many years experience as professional mastering engineers, and we believe it is important to offer our short run clients the same advantages as customers going to full manufacture. Using our Pyramix  mastering system and a range of classic and state of the art processing, we can create masters which bring out the maximum potential in your material. All our work is 100% audio checked, and our installation reflects the best in acoustic and technical design. The cost of mastering is £60.00 per hour plus vat. Click the link for more details of our mastering services. Note that for CDR duplication, we create a master CDR, which is cheaper than an DDP Disc.

Projects are archived free of charge for your security, and if at some point in the future you decide to go to full manufacture, we can also produce DDP production masters at a much reduced price from our full transfer rate.

Alternatively you can supply a fully finished disc from which we will duplicate. Please note that many commonly available audio CD writing packages produce discs which contain technical errors, all of which will be faithfully copied!

 ISRC Codes (Audio Only)

International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) are codes which can be embedded into the data on an audio CD to identify the owner of each track. They consist of a series of numbers which are allocated by the PPL in the UK, and regulated worldwide by the IFPI. ISRCs can be used by radio stations, etc., to automatically log play out of your material for royalty payments. Visit their web site or for more contact information see our links page. Our copier will copy ISRCs and bar codes (most don't), which is important if you are doing a short run of radio promos (for example).

 MCPS (Audio & CDRom)

The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society administer the mechanical copyright of the vast majority of music in the UK on behalf of songwriters and publishers. If you are going to use someone else's material, you will almost always have to pay a royalty. In order to progress your manufacture, you will need to fill in an Application For License form (available from us or MCPS), regardless of whether you are recording your own or someone else's songs. Once the form is completed and returned to MCPS they will let you know how much you will owe (if anything) in royalty payments, and then once this is paid, they issue a License To Manufacture. Other than for runs of less than 300 units, we (along with all other reputable duplication facilities) will require a license before we can commence manufacture. Visit their web site or for more contact information see our links page.


Unit Prices

On-disc Artwork


Unit Prices (from a finished Red Book CD or CDR master)


Full colour on disc print with up to 80 minutes audio or 700 Mb data

1 - 9


10 - 25


25 - 49


50 - 99






Prices include:


We also offer black print on a white background at a discounted price


On-Disc Artwork

We can accept artwork on a PC formatted CDRom, saved as a PDF, .bmp, .tif or .jpg file. We can also scan designs (which must be actual size), or lay out text designs from your supplied copy. Set-up charge from £5.00.


Paper print

Standard CD booklets and tray cards are produced using special paper on offset litho printing presses, achieving high quality, repeatable results. We offer this process, even for small runs, as it is the only way to ensure that your end product is durable, and looks and feels right. Print comes in quantities of 500 units and is typically �80.00 for a 4 page booklet and tray card. 

If you are comparing prices, you should be aware that a lot of companies use 'digital' printing which can range from colour inkjet (the ink comes off, runs when damp and makes the paper wrinkle with dark designs), through wax thermal (poor colour detail) to photocopying / laser printing (poor colour balance, glossy blotches on surface, and 'cracks' when folded), which whilst cheaper doesn't achieve a good end result.

Having said that, we now have access to high quality digital print for which we are happy to quote. Quantities start at 20 units for booklets and tray cards, priced typically at �50 for 50 units of a 4 page booklet and tray card. We can also supply card wallets and Digipacks from the the same source.

Please note we can only supply print with CDs.

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