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We now pass all our graphics to Kathryn Preston at Prestset who will be happy to send you templates and guidelines for the production of artwork in a form acceptable to the factories. Even if you have dealt with us before we require your artwork to be passed on Prestset's 'Pre flight' artwork check to reduce the chance of problems at the factory.


 If you are producing the artwork as a third party, please check exactly what the customer has been quoted for i.e. how many pages in the booklet, is the tray inlay double sided, how many colours for the on-body print?

Make sure that you use the correct dimensions and are using the correct template, most are available from Prestset

When creating on-body artwork please be aware that the printable area is 117mm diameter and the non-printable area in the centre is 23mm. The centre hole is indicated on the template IF PLACING AN ALL OVER IMAGE DO CREATE A HOLE (WHITE CIRCLE) AS PART OF THE IMAGE ITSELF. CDs printed as cmyk are always printed onto a white base, if there are any elements of your design that you need the silver of the cd to show through please give us a call before starting your artwork.If your cd artwork is being printed in spot colours there is not normally a white base, in this case please avoid a 45mm diameter circle in the centre as there is a ring of technical information on the back of the cd which shows through slightly and may interfere with any text/image placed directly on top of it.

Booklet and Inlay artwork must include bleed. Bleed is not necessary for on body print where the image/text must not be outside the 117mm diameter printable size.

The template must not show through the design on the final PDF.

There must be NO crop / fold marks on the printed area.

A catalogue number must be printed on all parts (booklet, inlay and on-body)

If there is a bar code, it must not be rasterised, the edges must be sharp.

Booklets - Is the pagination correct? PDFs must be supplied in printers spreads NOT readers pairs. Each page on the spread must be numbered, there is space on the template for this, if for some reason you do not use the templates please make sure that you add enough bleed area to put the pages number in, if you are uncertain about this please ask to see a sample spread.

All colour parts must be CMYK and not RGB, there must be no spot or Pantone colours in the PDF.

Black and white images must be bitmap or greyscale – there must be
NO RGB FILES ANYWHERE in the document

Black and white parts must be grey scale not CMYK.

Image resolution – nothing less that 300dpi at 100% of the size the image is used in the artwork, it's no good having a tiny image at 300dpi and then enlarging the image massively as this reduces the resolution of that image, the factory will reject PDFs that contain low resolution images, they will only print the job if the customer accepts the reduction in quality.

Text must be smooth, be careful if using older versions of Photoshop which tended to make text edges jagged.

When saving your final high resolution PDFs Sony’s own PDF job options are preferred and can be provided if required. If you do not use these job options you MUST
NOT INCLUDE OPI COMMENTS. The factory can remove these but will charge for doing it. You can find a place to turn this off in options. If you use Sony’s own PDF job options OPI comments are automatically excluded.

When you have created your artwork we will have a look at the PDFs prior to uploading them to Sony. Our checks are only to pick up anything obvious, Sony will run the PDFs through their own sophisticated flight checking software.

When uploading PDFs to Prestset's ftp please let them know by email when the files are there.

Please contact us for the ftp details. We no longer publish them here for security reasons




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