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Digital Audio Co CD mastering room



 We are based in purpose-built premises, overlooking the beautiful Aire Valley in Skipton, North Yorkshire, close to the towns of Leeds and Bradford. Studio design is by Recording Architecture. The main sound studio features include ATC 5.1 monitoring (surround) and a spacious voice booth. There is a second control room for preparation work (ATC main monitors, PMC surround monitors), central apparatus room (CAR), and client area. Control rooms are silent as noisy equipment is kept in the CAR. A full facilities list is given below.



Digital Audio Co CD mastering room rear view 


 Wherever possible work is done entirely in the digital domain, although analogue processing is available when appropriate. Precision analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters are used and machines are locked to a high stability master reference clock. True digital wiring is used throughout and digital distribution amplifiers ensure signal integrity.



Digital Audio Co Voice over room



A fully isolated Voice Recording room looks into the main control room.


Much of our equipment is flight cased and can be moved to client premises if the need arises.







AMS Audiofile SC & Spectra

  • 90 hours storage 
  • Exabyte drives 
  • 1.3GB optical drive 


  • High Sample Rate (up to 192kHz) 
  • 120 tracks
  • 48 channels AES I/O
  • Surround mixing options
  • DDP mastering software
  • Non linear video playback
  • Post production options

AMS Audiofile CPC

  • 40 hours storage 
  • Exabyte drive 
  • 1.3GB optical drive 

Tape Machines / Recorders

  • Fostex D30, D25 & D20B timecode DATs 
  • Sony DTC1000/ProDAT 2 
  • Sony PCM F1 / 701 processors and tape machines 
  • Sony 1610 CD processor and NTSC UMatic 
  • Studer A810 & Otari MX55 1/4" with timecode 
  • Dolby Noise Reduction 
  • Lynx Timeline machine synchronisers 
  • Sound Devices 744T 4 track hard disk recorder with timecode


  • Yamaha O2R96 digital desk with full automation 
  • Yamaha O2R digital desk with full automation 
  • DDA 16:4:2 with PPM metering 
  • Soundcraft Folio12:2 


  • TC Electronics M5000 digital effects and mastering unit with MD2 mastering software 
  • Lexicon 300 digital effects and mastering unit 
  • Orban dual noise reduction and enhancement system 
  • Leek custom valve EQ. 


  • ATC SCM50 active loudspeakers 
  • PMC DB1 active loudspeakers
  • Spendor BC1 loudspeakers 


  • Studer A727 professional CD player 
  • Technics Professional CD player 
  • Meridian CDR recorder with Audio & Design SmartBox and a custom ID unit 
  • Microphones, including, Soundfield, AKG C451, Schoeps CMC5, Sony ECM55, MBC 640, etc. 

Sound Effects & Music 

  • As an MCPS registered company, we carry a huge range of library music. 
  • We also have thousands of sound effects, on CD, tape, and disk, including major UK and USA libraries. 

More Pictures

The view from our main control room window 

Ducks on the river 

View from our control room window

Ducks on the river 

Front of The Digital Audio Co Skipton

Our building

And finally . . .

The view from our office

. . . the view from our office

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