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We're sorry to have to announce that due to technical difficulties the Icon Disc is no longer available anywhere on the planet!

Sad really because it was simply one of the best CD marketing and content delivery tool yet. For audio and data, the unique combination of 'silhouette' mask and on-body print made it eye catching and impossible for pirates to recreate, whilst retaining the advantages of a standard 12cm disc.

With an Icon Disc you didn't just want the contents, you wanted the carrier too!


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Use Your Imagination

Icon disc for special Christmas promotion

A Christmas gift to remember

Promoting an event for Valentines? Sorry - the heart shape is already in use, although you could go for something similar!

Heart Icon Disc

'Book' Icon Disc

Putting your books on-line and on CD? This book shaped CD was used to promote an international book fair.

Any suggestions? !

'Cow' Icon Disc

Potential uses of the Icon Disc included:

Security and the Icon Disc

The Icon Disc is a patented design. Each unique 'mask' was created specifically for one customer only, making it impossible for the disc to be recreated by anyone else. Linked with audio watermarking or software encryption, this offered the ultimate weapon in the fight against piracy.

What designs will work?

Whether in the form of a classical pictogram, silhouette or scissor-cut, the Icon CD opened up completely new and highly diverse possibilities for product design. Virtually any kind of design was suitable, providing that it was concentric, meaning that it was arranged around the inner ring of the CD.

Data Capacity

The data capacity of the Icon Disc was determined by nearest point on the mask design to the centre. 

Would the Icon Disc play in all CD players?

We have never found a player which refused to accept the disc. Unlike 'credit card' style, ShapeCD and 8cm CD they worked fine in slot loading drives such as car CD players and some DVD drives.

How was the Icon Disc made?

In many ways the production of the Icon Disc was the same as a standard CD, except that the the motif (pictogram) was steamed onto the new product as an aluminium layer. The result was a product consisting in part of a metal layer that lent the ICON CD its unique and unmistakable look: it appeared as an aluminium pictogram against a transparent plexi-background. Of course the motif (ICON) could also be printed. Since the sequence of data stored on a CD starts at the centre and works its way outwards, the desired quantity of data / playback time determines the size of the motif (or vice versa!). The great advantage of the ICON disc was in its classic form: unlike the Shape CD, it could be easily played on any CD drive.

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